ÖBV Versicherung based in Vienna will be partner of the IFA 2018 Fistball Women’s World Championship in Linz again right after the Fistball Euro2016. We look forward to the signing of the new contract for the upcoming major event. ÖBV receives advertising presence on the TV-active bands at the Center Court and titles the stadium name at the Women’s World Championship, why our stadium is named “ÖBV Arena”. The Arena name will also be visible on the event area.

“I was impressed by the atmosphere and ambience at the European Championships two years ago. That’s the reason why we also wanted to be a partner at the Women’s World Championship. In addition, we reach our target groups excellent and we look forward to many exciting games in July”, Manfred Steinberger, Director of ÖBV in Upper Austria.

“The fact that ÖBV Versicherung will be on board as a partner again after 2016 shows that we can offer our partners a good platform. We are very happy about the renewed commitment of ÖBV. The ÖBV Arena will once again be a cool arena and the World Championship a big festival for all fistball fans”, says Christoph Oberlehner, General Secretary of the Organizing Committee.