At the Women’s World Championship no fan will be thirsty, because our beverage partner Stiegl brewery will take care of that. Recently, the cooperation agreement with the Brewery from Salzburg was signed in Linz. Stiegl takes care of the entire handling of the drinks and supplies Stiegl Goldbräu, Stiegl Radler as well as all soft drinks.

“We are very pleased to welcome such a renowned and wellknown company as Stiegl as a partner of the World Championship. Stiegl has worked hard for us from the beginning and provides us with a comprehensive package. Nobody will definitely stay thirsty at the fistball event”, said General Secretary of the Organizing team, Christoph Oberlehner.

Stiegl-Gebietsleiter Patrick Rotter (mitte) mit Michael Kreil vom LOK und Christoph Oberlehner (rechts, OK-Generalsekretär)

Stiegl was already a partner of the Men’s World Championship 2011 in Austria and is now back on board. “The Fistball World Championship is also a big event for us, which we absolutely want to be part of. We are pleased that we are now beverage partners again after 2011 and we want to convince all fans of the high quality of our drinks”, says Stiegl Area Manager Patrick Rotter. “In addition, the ÖBV Arena will shine with numerous Stiegl-flags in red-white-red during the two final days of the competition.”