Thank you very much! The 8th Fistball Women’s World Championship could not have been delivered so successfully without the excellent support of our sponsors, supporters, partners and more than 1.000 volunteers.

At perfect weather conditions, 8.000 spectators attended the five-day event in the ÖBV arena in Linz. In addition to being a highlight from a sports perspective, the event was also a big success in terms of media coverage in press, TV, radio and online, as well as in terms of economic value added. We hope that the success of the event will continue to foster collaboration with sponsors and partners in support of the development of fistball.

Key figures:

  • 108 players / 11 nations / 3 continents
  • 47 games / 127 sets / 2.199 points
  • 8.000 spectators on 5 days
  • 188 print articles (regional and national newspapers)
  • 122 online article
  • 23 TV contributions (total running time: 7 hours 55 minutes 58 seconds)
  • 63.000 spectators on TV – ORF Sport Plus live broadcasting
  • 2.360.000 spectators watched summaries in ORF sports news broadcasting
  • All matches broadcasted online via live stream: about 30.000 unique users and 140.000 page views
  • 124.000 website visits
  • 400.000 people reached via Facebook
  • 1.070 pro bono volunteers
  • 12.840 pro bono hours of work
  • Media value: EUR 700.000 and 20.000.000 contact chances (Austria only)